5 Products You Need in the War Against Ingrown Hairs

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5 Products You Need in the War Against Ingrown Hairs

Overtime you'll start to notice on Thrifty Belleza that I will focus a lot of my posts on skincare. Why? Because no matter how much makeup or coverup you have, your skin is the base for everything and requires proper attention. A common skincare issue that gets overlooked are ingrown hairs, especially the ones on your bikini area. These pesky little suckers are another bump in the road in the quest for smooth skin. It can be so tempting to give up on waxing or shaving all together because of these, but it doesn't have to be like that! I've come up with 5 of my favorite products for treating ingrown hairs and preventing new ones from forming that have absolutely worked for me in the past. In true Thrifty Belleza style, these products won't break the bank either!

Let me start by saying that when I first started shaving/waxing I had no idea what I was doing. Needless to say, I had to deal with unsightly and annoying bumps before I figured out how to make them go away. By learning how to do it the right way, I saved myself lots of time and trouble in the end. 


I strongly advise that you invest in an exfoilating body wash that's designed for bikini usage, like Nair Hair Remover Exfoliator. The microbeeds in this product work to scrub off dead skin cells so that hair removal is easier. This is especially important when it comes to waxing so that the wax catches on to hair and not your skin.When using it as an exfoliant, pour a quater sized amount on a wash cloth. DO NOT use a loofah because this can really irritate the skin and is too rough making it a recipe for creating ingrown hairs later on down the line.

Invest in a solid razor

A good trimming or shaving experience starts with a good razor. Schick Quatro makes an awesome razor that serves double duty as a trimmer when you want to save time and want a quick touch-up. With 4 blades it will give you the max amount of coverage to get the job done.  You can also decide how much or how long or short you want the hair length by adjusting the razor's comb.

Use a shaving gel

If you're planning on shaving, combine the razor with a bikini gel for an even closer and smoother shave. I've been using Bikini Zone's Anti-Bumps Shave Gel for months and it works like a charm. It's better than shaving cream in a sense because it glides right on and prevents irritation and bumps.

Opt for a depilatory

If shaving or waxing isn't your thing and you're on the hunt for a good depilatory, a classic like Nair does the trick. Use it in the shower for no more than 10 minutes, (seriously it WILL burn if you leave it on longer) and simply wash off. You might not get everything during the first application, but you can keep adding to whatever didn't get covered. It also leaves skin moisturized, the key to achieving a silky smooth finish.

Spring for a serum

In the event that you already have a few ingrown hairs or bumps, using a serum will make a huge difference. At one of my appointments at European Wax Center, I purchased their ingrown hair serum and LOVED it. This stuff is amaze, but you have to use it twice a day morning and night to get the best results. Over the course of one to two weeks, it reduced swelling, redness and irritation. One pump sized amount is good enough per application, so it really lasts. It's non alcohol-based so it won't sting if you have any nicks or cuts. It's actually super gentle, perfect for sensitive skin. Plus it smells wonderful because of its natural ingredients like tree tea oil and berry extract that help soothe skin. For bargain hunters like myself, the price tag might be a little steep but trust me, it's worth every penny. 
Don't pick, tweeze

Finally, if you really can't get rid of an ingrown hair, please please please do not try to pick or pop at it with your fingers. It can become infected and that's no fun for anyone. Instead, exfoliate over the ingrown hair site in the shower. Then, apply a warm wash cloth to it for five minutes and try to push the hair upwards so that it's visible under the skin's surface. By now your skin's pores will be open so you should be able to see the hair. Take a special pointed tweezer like the one seen above in the picture by Tweezerman and try to pull the hair out of the skin. Try your best to get the hair out in one piece without breaking it because if it breaks, it could grow back into the skin and form another ingrown hair.

I hope that these tips help and make your hair removal process a little less painful and annoying! Check out the links to the products below. What are some of your favorite tricks or beauty sidekicks for shaving/waxing?  

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  1. This was so helpful! I've heard of exfoliation before but wasn't actually aware that there are some specifically designed for the bikini area (I already own the Schick quatro razor) & the shave gel but maybe I'll try the depilatory.