Mascara Application Beauty Sins

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 Hey Bellas,

So let's admit it, there was a point in life where we may have all been terrible at applying mascara. I know I was, I mean it seemed simple enough until I walked out of my house with spidey eyes, ugh! I finally learned how to do it the right way, but not without committing some of these mascara beauty sins first. Make the most out of your next application with these tips to keep your ojos (eyes) looking fierce!

Pumping The Wand

Old habits die hard and one of the worst beauty mistakes that chicas do over and over again is pumping mascara before application. I'm not sure where people pick up this habit, maybe tv? Anyway, it ruins your tube because you wind up getting unnecessary air in there that dries up the formula, which creates clumps later on down the line.

Caking on too many coats

It might seem like applying lots of coats will give your lashes a full, voluminous look but in this case, less is more. A good rule of thumb is between 2 and 4 max, anything more than that and your lashes will probably start clumping. To avoid this, next time you're applying mascara dab the tip and sides of the wand on a paper towel to get any excess off.

Using it past the shelf life 

Mascara expires after 3 months and has a shorter health life than most makeup products. That's ok though! It just means that in a year you can try out 4 different tubes and find the perfect one for you ;) From the moment you open the tube, you start letting air into the mascara every time you use it, making it a breeding ground for bacteria down the road. Whenever you buy a new one, mark 3 months from the day you bought it and add your own expiration date. If you continue using old mascara, you put yourself at risk for itchy eyes and infections, yikes!

This is my favorite mascara of the moment! It's by Rimmel London's Max Volume Flash formula. You can find it here, $6.83.

Being too rough

Be gentle to those beautiful eyes!  Pressing against your lashes too hard can make your mascara get into your eye or on your skin. Instead, try wiggling your lashes side to side from the base until you reach the ends. This technique gives you the most coverage and volume.

Not using an eyelash curler

I don't know how people don't use eyelash curlers, they are such a beauty essential. It preps your eyes from the start so that you have to do less work with your mascara later on. When I first started, I skipped this step, but then I invested in a thrifty curler later on and saw such a difference! Clamp your lashes from 10 to 20 seconds on each eye.

Every girl needs an eyelash curler. If you don't have one, get one!! Sephora carries some budget friendly ones, like this one from Revlon, $6.99.

After using my eyelash curler, my lashes are instantly lifted and look fuller.

However, accidents happen
Sometimes, you can be so careful and have the steadiest hand, but something messes up your flow. In my case, I have allergies and always seem to sneeze as soon as I apply mascara, causing my wet lashes to shut, fail! To clean up any messes, I like to keep some a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover around and lightly swipe it over the area. Check if there's any in your upper waterline and if so, quickly pass the Q-tip along it so that mascara doesn't irritate your eyes and make them red. If I'm on the go, I'll take out a makeup wipe and clean it up. To avoid ruining the rest of your makeup, like eyeshadow, wait until the mascara has dried up.

The finished product after mascara and everything. Not too shabby.

Are you guilty of any of these mascara sins? What are your tricks for cleaning things up?

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  1. Hey Thalia! Loving your blog! OMG!!! You're working for COSMO?!!! You're latina like me :) Where from, if I may ask? xx Heidi

  2. Hey Heidi! Thanks so much for checking out the blog :) This summer I'm interning at Cosmo for Latinas and it's been an incredible experience! I am Latina, my parents are from Ecuador and Puerto Rico but I was born in the states. I love my Latina readers, where are you from?

  3. This was so useful Thalia! I've never been one to pump unnecessary air into my mascara but I do tend to pack on the layers of mascara, especially different kinds. If it ever clumps too much, I simply use a small comb to clean it up a bit ;)

    Happy to find a fellow Latina blogging!

    Oh, Ivory Blog

    1. Hi Terry!

      I'm glad that you liked it :D I totally agree about using small comb for eyelashes to clean up any clumps, it's a beauty must-have.

      Can't wait to keep checking out each other's posts and blogs :)

  4. Thalia,
    Thanks for the well articulated post. I have been skipping this step and I do see the differnce in my pics, sadly... So I am really grateful for this post!
    XX, Elle

    1. Hey Elle,
      I find that even if you use an eyelash curler for 10 seconds it makes a difference so it can definitely be squeezed into a busy morning routine. Keep doing it and you'll love the way your lashes look even more :) I hope that I can write more posts that you can find helpful!