How to Get More Blog Traffic Using Pinterest

4:31 AM

If you know me, you know that I love, love, love Pinterest! 
Not only is it a great site for looking up fun DIY projects or inspiration, it can also be an important tool for us bloggers. A single pin can get hundreds of people visiting your blog and posts.

I've received so much traffic on Thrifty Belleza thanks to pins like this one that you might recognize from my Milani Lipstick Review. It was repinned 243 times (!!) and weeks after I first uploaded it, it is still in the first row of search results when you search "plum lipstick tutorial".

Here are 5 easy steps to getting your pins noticed and receiving more traffic on your blog:

1) Pick a Good Caption

What made this pin so successful was picking the right keywords to include in the photo caption. When I  make a caption, I try to include keywords that I would search for if I were looking for makeup tutorials. In this case, I narrowed it down to "plum color lipstick tutorial". It's also important to put the main keywords at the beginning of your caption because Pinterest's search engine algorithm weighs the first three to four words heavily when picking which pins show up in the search results pages. 

2) Change Your Pin's Filename

It's super important to change the filename of your pictures before uploading them to Pinterest!
Make it descriptive and concise so that it describes your pin in 3-4 words. Also, add the word "Pinterest" before your filename because the Algorithim recognizes this which also helps bump the picture up to the top of the search results. For example, I renamed my picture "Pinterest-Plum-Lipstick-Tutorial" which is way more search engine friendly than the default name of "blogpic1". 

3) Make Your Pin Look Visually Appealing

Pins that have clean, crisp looking pictures accompanying them do way better than the ones that looking blah or all over the place. I didn't go out running to buy some expensive Photoshop software of DSLR to do this, but I did put a little work into making my pin stand out. To get clear images, I took tons of lip tutorial pictures by my window with natural lighting coming in. I picked the 4 best ones and uploaded them into a free collage creator on Ribbet.

 You can use PicMonkey too, but I like this one because it gives you the option for a vertical photo collage. Vertical images get more attention on Pinterest than horizontal pictures. I fixed the lighting using the photo editor and added words with steps for the tutorial which also helped make it eye-catching.

4) Link the Pin to Your Blog

Direct Pinners to your blog by adding a url link to your blog or posts. Even if by accident, as soon as people click on your picture, they'll be taken to your blog. It makes it so easy for them to find you and know the source of the pin.   

5) Install a "Pin It" Button 

If you have lots of images that you're proud of on your blog, I recommend installing a "Pin It" button so that other people can pin your images to their boards when they visit your site. Use this button builder with detailed instructions on how to install it into your blog's html code. 
This is another awesome way to get traffic because the easier it is for people to share your photos, the more likely others are to see them and spread the word about your blog. 

What do you use to get more blog traffic? :)


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  1. Great tips, i love pinterest! :D

    xprincessjas | xx

  2. Thalia - Thriftybelleza.comJune 27, 2014 at 3:48 AM

    Thanks Jasmine, so glad you liked it! :) xx